Galleria il Tesoro is proud to be able to showcase the largest retrospective of the famous Engadine sculptor Giuliano Pedretti, along with 11 paintings by his father, the equally important Turo Pedretti. The works come almost exclusively from the family collection.

Galleria il Tesoro’s large exhibition area of over 400m2 allows our visitors to enjoy the more than 70 sculptures on display from each angle in detail and to study the effects of light and shadow.

We are particularly pleased to announce that we have Dora Lardelli, President of the Oberengadiner Cultural Archives and Bernhard von Waldkirch, of the Kunsthaus Zurich as guest speakers for the opening weekend of 14/15 September.

Giuliano Pedretti (1924 Basel – Samedan 2012)

The artist, 1992

The artist, 199

The artist grew up in the Upper Engadine. The Pedretti and Giacometti families were friends and he learned early on of the (now well-known) work of Alberto Giacometti. Ulrich Suter wrote in this year’s edition of the Suvretta House Magazine that a well-known researcher and expert on the work of Alberto Giacometti was famed for saying that Giuliano Pedretti’s work goes above and beyond the work of Giacometti.

At the beginning, Pedretti created impressionist sculptures influenced by those of Rodin, then he turned to creating sculptures with a knobbly surface, eventually styling the sculptures to reflect shadow (hollwed out sections) and surfaces catching the light (extruding bumps).

From 1988 Pedretti’s work turned to his unique, angled figures. With the works suspended from the wall, the viewer on the floor feels himself floating in the room.

Pedrettis late work (post 2001) is distinguished by the so-called “schizo-works”. Head and body halves are separated by an empty space. The emptiness represents schizophrenia, while the effect is such that the figures attain weightlessness.

Turo Pedretti (1896 Samedan – Celerina 1964)

Turo Pedretti. Selfportrait, 1952

Turo Pedretti. Selfportrait, 1952

Pedretti senior grew up as the son of a decorative painter, an immigrant from Chiavenna to Samedan. His talent for painting was recognized early and supported. Giovanni Giacometti encouraged him to create freely. A close friendship developed between the artists. In the devastating avalanche of 1951, the majority of Turo Pedretti’s early work was destroyed.

An intense flavour distinguishes his work. Landscapes, people, hunting, life in the Upper Engadine and his everyday surroundings were his most common subjects.

Mark Blezinger (born 1962 Baden-Baden)

Mark Blezinger

Mark Blezinger

Blezinger studied drama and philosophy in Paris. He was a good friend of Giuliano Pedretti.

As a freelance photographer he developed a new art form in between photography and visual sculpture. Mark Blezinger has exhibited works in international galleries and art fairs. Since 1997, he has focused on roles as director and cameraman for short films and documentaries primarily for arte, and for French and Swiss television. In collaboration with the Oberengadiner Cultural Archives, he recently conceptualised and realised the project “Wunderkammer Engadin – AlpenMythen-Sehen” in and around the Chesa Planta. Blezinger devoted this project to Giuliano Pedretti, acknowledging him as giving him the encouragement required for the realisation of the project.



Opening hours throughout exhibition period:

Tuesday to Saturday from 1.30pm to 5pm

Introduction to the exhibition:

Mr Bernhard von Waldkirch MA, Curator, Kunsthaus Zürich
Saturday 14 September, 2.30pm

Mrs Dora Lardelli MA, President, Oberengadiner Cultural Archives
Sunday 15 September, 2.30pm

Opening weekend:

Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 September from 1.30pm to 4pm

Guided tours through the exhibition:

Thursday 19 September at 4pm and Saturday 5 October at 2pm.
The tours will take approximately one hour and are free of charge. Please contact us if you are interested in participating.

Creative Course ‘Sculpting’ with Mrs Mona Grütter:

Saturday 28 September at 1.30pm.
The course will take approximately 3 1/2 hours. A  fee will be charged. Please contact us if you are interested in participating.

Artists monographs available during the exhibition

Giuliano Pedretti

Eine Monographie. Ulrich Suter (Hg.)
Christoph Merian Verlag, 2004

CHF 60.-

Giuliano Pedretti

Skulpturen. Norbert du Carrois (Hg.)
Edition du Carrois

CHF 35.-

Giuliano Pedretti

Zeichnungen. Bernhard von Waldkirch und Ulrich Suter (Hg.)Christoph Merian Verlag, 2009

CHF 60.-

Turo Pedretti

Zum 100. Geburtstag. Gedächtnisausstellung im Segantini Museum St. Moritz, 1996Marianne und Andreas Amiet-Keller und Ladina Jaecklin-Pedretti (Hg.)

CHF 20.-



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